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Best Practice And Tips For Remote Job Interviews In UAE

After submitting your CV and cover letter, you may finally have an interview call for your dream job. Congratulations! However, your work isn’t over yet to land your desired remote position. You still have to nail the interviewing stage, so you can’t afford to commit even a single mistake. You may compete with several other candidates for your desired role, so you should leave no stone unturned. 

Considering the ten valuable tips in this guide will help you leave a strong positive impression on your potential recruiter. Though we have especially tailored those strategies according to remote job interviews in UAE, they are also helpful to job seekers in other locations.

10 Tips To Successfully Crack A Remote Job Interview In UAE

Research Your Research

To save yourself from embarrassing situations during an interview, conduct thorough research about your potential company. Invest quality time in understanding their mission, values, culture, and other aspects of their organization. Tour their official website and page on social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Analyze the professional profiles of the company’s CEO, recruiter, brand manager, and likely team lead/supervisor. Dig deeper into the position you’re applying for and learn about its requirements, job description, and expectations. All this will enable you to prepare your possible answers and exhibit your genuine interest. Additionally, it will also let you double-check your decision of whether you would like to be a part of their company.

Practice Your Answers

Whether you attend a remote or in-person interview, questions an interviewer may ask you are generally quite common. So, prepare their answers in advance to avoid going blank at any point during the meeting. You may get queries related to your technical and soft skills, so prep your responses for both types. Interviewers often ask candidates applying for remote jobs questions about evaluating their virtual work skills, self-motivation, and adaptability. 

Craft your answers and practice impressively answering them. Besides, demonstrating relevant experience and abilities to thrive in the remote work environment in the resume is crucial for getting an interview call. Hiring professional CV writers in Dubai will help your vitae stand out in the UAE’s competitive professional landscape. 

Prepare Your Series Of Questions

During the meeting between the interviewer and interviewee, the main focus is on the candidate. You may have questions about your potential position, management, and workplace, so list them. You can ask them whenever you get the space during the conversation to gain maximum clarification. The interview is your chance to gather information unavailable on the target company’s official website and social pages.  

Highlight Your Remote Job Experience And Accomplishments

Highlight the experience and accomplishments that you have gained through your previous remote jobs. Emphasize how to motivate yourself and manage your time by working from home. Open up about your ability to meet deadlines, maintain productivity, and collaborate with others within the virtual work environment. Employers search for candidates with the necessary skills for remote collaboration and independent work. 

Polish Your Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication

Your non-verbal communication is as important as your verbal one during your virtual meeting. Practice good etiquette, such as speaking clearly, actively listening, and maintaining eye contact. But don’t overdo it. Imagine gluing your eyes onto the interviewer; it will make you appear creepy and can cause your rejection. So, keep it to the limit where it seems natural and makes you look confident. Be mindful of your body language, posture, and facial expression to convey your engagement and confidence. 

Dress Professionally

If your meeting is virtual, it doesn’t mean you can conduct it in your pyjamas or some appropriate clothing. Wear clothes that are business casual to balance your authenticity and professionalism. And don’t commit the stupid mistake of wearing a formal shirt while shorts for the bottoms. You never know when you may have to stand up expectedly. 

In such a scenario, your SpongeBob boxers will turn your face red out of shame. Therefore, get ready in professional attire from head to toe to be confident enough to stand if required. Similarly, keeping your official social profile, such as LinkedIn, to be professional is essential. Consider online LinkedIn profile writing services to give your account a revamp and get more UAE-based remote job offers. 

Have A Virtual Interview-Friendly Environment

For your remote interview, you should create a professional and distraction-free environment. Choose a space within your home that is well-lit, quiet, and has a neutral background. Make sure there is no such object or animal that distracts you during the meeting. Your camera angle should be on the same level as your face to keep your head in the correct frame. 

Besides, none of your technical stuff should have any issues. Have a solid, uninterrupted internet connection, advanced gadgets, and speedy conferencing software. Conduct a test run with anyone to double-check everything beforehand. Furthermore, inform your family members or roommates not to disturb you during the meeting. 

Practice To Be In The Moment

Focus is the key to answering the interviewer’s queries efficiently and correctly. Maintaining focus, especially during lengthy meetings, may feel challenging. So, practice to be in the moment, way beforehand. Try to calm your nerves and think positively about yourself so as not to mess up at any point during the conversation with your interviewer. You can also use a pen and notes to note the meeting minutes and showcase your professionalism. 

Be On Time

Showing up late for the virtual interview will instantly have a negative impact on you on the interview. The recruiter may question your punctuality and ability to meet strict deadlines. It is a blunder that may result in the job opportunity slipping out of your hands. So, always be on time to kick-start it positively, be it a remote or in-person meeting. 

Follow Up And Express Your Gratitude

Send a personalized thank-you email to your interviewer within twenty-four hours after conducting a remote job interview. Expressing your appreciation for the opportunity and emphasizing your interest in the potential virtual role will write your name in the recruiter’s good books. Your kind gesture will demonstrate your professionalism and set you apart from other candidates. 

How can I nail a job interview remotely?

Make sure your technology, internet connection, and the platform you use for interviewing are up to the mark. Present yourself impressively through your attire and background. Show them throughout the meeting that you are familiar with your potential company and its culture to indicate your preparation beforehand. Build understanding with your interviewer and ask meaningful, relevant questions to highlight your interest in them or your potential job.

How can I introduce myself in an online interview?

Always introduce yourself with a polite greeting, state your full name, and briefly discuss your educational background. Later, mention your relevant work experience and highlight your strengths and relevant valuable skills. Afterwards, open up about your career goals and gratitude for the opportunity. 

How long does it take for remote interviews to last?

Depending on the interviewer and interviewee, live interviews may last from fifteen minutes to an hour. The number of interviewers and a candidate’s assessment level also impact the duration. 


The remote interview is similar to the in-person one; therefore, the approach you should take for both is almost the same. However, taking the time to understand the nuances related to the online one will allow you to impress your hiring manager. Consequently, you will ace the interview and land your desired job.  If your primary job search goal is a career and work-life balance, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek professional assistance. To reach the interviewing stage, you must submit a job-winning CV. Hiring an expert resume writer will increase your chances of receiving an interview call. Then, follow our shared tips to successfully sail through your job-hunting journey and attract prosperous career opportunities.