what is an ats friendly resume and how to check if your resume is ats friendly

What is an ATS Resume and How to Check if Your Resume is ATS Friendly?

Landing a job is not easy at all, and job hunting is one of the most stressful phases of one’s life. If you are the one who is searching for a job in this digital era, then you must have heard about the type of software- ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

The software is being used by 90% of the recruiters and hiring managers of the organizations.  This software is used to screen the resume and as the output, it passes the most relevant and qualifying resumes to the hiring managers.

In this competitive era alongside glued with digitalization, this needs to be known that the people who land the job fairly win the first ground and this is CV passing.

This is why their resume reaches the recruiter and the applicants are successful enough to land the interview and then the job as well!


You might be thinking that what is ATS software? Well, this is an Applicant Tracking System that screens the resumes. Did you know, around 75% of the resumes are rejected by the ATS because they are not correctly structured, formatted, and keyword optimized?

Basically, the ATS resume scanner is designed to scan the resume template in terms of work experience, skills, education, and other relevant information. This is one of the real facts that very few resumes are read by the human right from top to bottom, and then he interviews for the job.

With the help of an ATS resume scanner, the searching among thousands of CVs and resumes becomes automated, and the process is streamlined. Those who are looking for a job or if they are not able to get a call, then it is highly possible that the resume has not even reached the hiring manager as it would not have passed the ATS screening.

In the huge pool of applicants and, that too some of the best ones, it is very difficult to even get noticed. A report was conducted in the past, and it reflected, around 250 resumes are submitted online for each job positing on average.

Once the ATS software becomes a helping hand, the hiring and recruiting team saves a lot of its time and massive efforts. If you want to land the job of your choice, then you must look at your CV and should make it keyword optimized and ATS friendly.

Professional CV makers from the resume editing service also stressed the fact that resumes that do not meet the pre-determined qualifications and requirements set among the ATS are rejected right by the software. This proves that CV crafting is the real hustle that could land you your favorite job instantly.

Also, there is only a 2% chance that they would ever be seen by the human eyes.

The problem rise when a lot of qualified job seekers do not write their CV with a proper structure and format. Also, if the candidate would not be infusing the keywords from the job description, he would not be able to pass the ATS screening.


You might be thinking about the ATS system and would surely be wishing to check if my resume is ATS friendly! Well, this is not that difficult. There are five simple things that an applicant must keep in his mind when you are writing your resume to pass the ATS.

  1. Check for the standard formatting. Use the standard resume format that is free of the images and designs. A clean and neat resume is having a high chance of being ATS friendly. Also, make sure to be specific and not general.
  2. Incorporate the keyword optimization in your resume. This is the best way to get your resume approved by the ATS software. Infuse all the keywords right from the job description. Tailoring the resume for the different jobs is also a way to pass the ATS.
  3. Send the resume as in word document. A document of Word is always preferred by the hiring managers and also, it is easily read by the ATS.
  4. Spell out the abbreviations. Make sure not to include the short forms or jargon into the resume as they would not be able to read out by the ATS, and it may reject you out. For instance, if you use SEO to make sure to spell search engine optimization.
  5. Make sure to include the relevant information about your career. Talk about your achievements and professional experience as completely being specific.

Another most important thing for which you must check is that you are applying for the job roles for which you are a perfect fit and highly qualified. While checking your CV to be friendly, look for relevant keywords and high formatting and experience being highly targeted to the job role.


Also, don’t get confused with the term of ATS compliant resume. You might be thinking that what is an ATS-compliant resume?

Well, this is the type of document that is created in a way that lets the applicant tracking system parse the application with ease. Here, the formatting is quite simple and is very easy to scan. Focusing on the points discussed earlier would help you to craft an excellent ATS-compliant resume.

If you want to scan your resume before submitting it to a certain job role opening, then you can take the help of several websites that are offering excellent service in this aspect. You can get a free check for your resume to find if it is completely optimized enough for the ATS scanner.


With the help of this detailed and comprehensive guide, you must have got an idea that how the ATS software works and how you can make your resume ATS friendly. Make sure to incorporate the 5 basic steps of writing an ATS-friendly resume correctly, and you would surely be able to pass the ATS screening. Job hunt and ATS-passing isn’t an easy process, but with some tricks and appropriate keyword optimization, you would surely land the perfect job!