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10 Secrets of Winning Job Interview

“You are having your interview today, how’s the preparation?”

“You must read this article for the help in an interview”

“How was the interview? What are the chances of your hiring?”

These are the most common sentences which every job hunter must have heard once or twice in his life.  I agree with the fact that a job interview is one of the hardest and tricky aspects of life and if a person manages to cross this stage, he surely can go far in his journey.

When a person is searching for a job, he wants himself to stand out from others. He wants to win the race from the competitors and the other 100 applicants who give the interview along with him. A job interview is indeed a critical phase and it comes up with a lot of challenges.

If you are searching for some tips and tricks, then here you go. Below are the 10 secrets of winning the job interview. These interview tips will help you to deal with the anxiety and pressure which you go through while giving the interview. Let’s jump in to prepare for a powered interview.

Secrets of Winning Job Interview


Being confident is the key to win an interview. It is proof that you have come so far in your field and you are now a little far from your goal. Remember one thing; there is a very slight difference between being confident, overconfident, and egoistic. While being in an interview you have to balance your confidence level with your tone. You must not sound arrogant or over-excited. Make it go with humble, calm, and polite behavior.


When you are getting ready for an interview, make a plan to walk in the door of the interview. Get ready to leave an amazing impression, and make sure that you arrive right on time. Turn down the mobile phone before entering the room; also ensure to have positive communication keeping your best in front of the employer. Do not begin your answer without listening completely to the interviewer. Do remember these tips for interviews which will help you to express yourself clearly and truly.


The interviewer can ask you hard and tricky questions so make sure to do your homework. It will help you to change your answers effortlessly with his changing questions. You should also know about the organization where you are appearing for the interview. This will help you to know the organization deeply and you will gather the ideas that how you can fit into it.


Resume writing penned; when you are giving the interview, you are not bound to give answers only. You can easily ask the questions from the employer about the flexibility in the job and more details for the position. This will show your willingness to get the job and the recruiter will conclude that you are interested in the job. Hence your hiring chances would increase.


Make the employer go awe-inspiring by taking your interview. You must let him know why the company should hire you. You must make a perfect response to the interview questions like “why we must hire you?” Be ready for the conversation of telling him about your past experiences and achievements. Be clear and honest enough to tell about your potential.


You are searching for a job for further experience and implementation of your learning. Prepare yourself to learn new and exciting skills. You will come to know more about the positives and negatives of the industry. This will help you to utilize your energy in the right direction.


While giving an interview, ensure the HR manager about your plans in contributing value to the organization. The interviewer must be impressed with your goals about the company. You should let him know why you must be a part of the organization and how your contribution can take the company to new heights. This will show your complete preparation for the interview.


Only talking about the achievements is not enough, take your evidence with yourself. It will help the employer to understand your interest in getting the job. You must feel free to take the samples i.e. payslips, internship certificates, character certificates, etc. They will show that you are responsible and eligible enough for the job.


A study showed that it is a matter of 90 seconds that either you win the heart of the hiring manager or get yourself rejected. In these 90 seconds, the recruiter assesses you and takes the final decision. The one who couldn’t make the first impression go well over the employer, he automatically loses the chance of getting the job.


A simple thank-you note after the interview is most recommended to leave a good impression on the employer. You can use it to deliver your excitement, zeal, and enthusiasm for the job.


The best way to follow-up after an interview is by sending a thank you note to the interviewer. Make sure to write it in an email and right after your interview. In this note, you can share your experience of an interview with them along with the excitement and interest of the position. Be 1 out of every 20 candidates who send the thank you note.


As I mentioned above, the interviewer only takes 90 seconds to assess you completely. Make sure to impress the employer with your first look, dress accurately, and talk with confidence. Tell him about yourself and let him know your goals for the company.

The aforementioned 10 secrets are indeed an all-rounder, helping you enough to win the job interview and get the job. You must not neglect the tiny elements and should be prepared to tackle the interview with smartness!