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How Do You Contact Recruiters on LinkedIn?

Anyone who has been an employment seeker for a long time knows how difficult the whole process is. It can be an experience full of anxiety, doubts, and complications and might render you downright hopeless at times. However, when it comes to reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn, you do not have to feel scared or embarrassed even if you are an introverted individual. The platform is meant for employee interaction and 93% of employers are using LinkedIn to look for candidates. So here are some things you should know about how to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn.

Contacting the Right Person

The basic thing to focus on when you are thinking about how to approach recruiters on LinkedIn is knowing who do you want to contact. The best way to look for prospective employers is to type in your industry with the term “recruiter”. You can narrow down the results by region to find the employers closer to your area. Just do not forget to see if the recruiter is active still and has not switched to a different field.

Do Not Begin With LinkedIn

Although this step might seem contradictory, you need to make initial contact with an employer on a platform apart from LinkedIn such as Twitter, where they will be able to receive a notification attached with your name. That way when you contact the person via LinkedIn, your face and name will be recognizable to them.

Once you have connected with a recruiter on another site, view their profile on LinkedIn, and make adjustments to your privacy settings to let others see your headline and name after you have viewed the profile. In return, the recruiter will be able to view your profile and might even request to connect with you before you do.

Sending a Personalized Request

Once you have gone through the process mentioned above, you are finally ready to make a connection with the recruiter. But before you hit the “Connect” button you must know how to message a recruiter on LinkedIn.

It is essential to add a message to your requests for connection. A request to connect from an unknown sender with no message attached is most likely to be ignored. If you include a message then you will have a much-improved acceptance rate as opposed to sending connection requests on their own.

However, it might get intimidating when you think about what the structure of the message should be. It is important, to begin with, something personal when you are out to catch the attention of a recruiter on LinkedIn. Perhaps you went to the same college as them or a mutual connection whom you can even ask to introduce you. Here is an example of what your message can be like:

“Hello, Harry. I noticed you live in the same town as me! My whole childhood was spent there and I miss it, but now I am a financial advisor in New York and searching for fresher opportunities in the financial sector. Any guidance from you would be really appreciated by me? Would you like for us to connect and speak more?”

Send Your Resume to the Recruiter

Once your connection request is accepted, it is time to approach in a more direct manner via LinkedIn message or email. Find the email address of a recruiter that is available under the contact info section of their profile. If it is not visible there then send them a message at LinkedIn profile.

In the message, you can describe your qualifications, experience, and what you are currently in search of in a few precise sentences. Along with that, your resume can be attached. You can even slip in a request if the recruiter will find it appropriate to connect through a phone.

Final Word

Once you got a conversation going with your prospective recruiter, keep it relaxed and warm for them to single out and recognize you from other candidates. It will also lead them to think of you as a knowledgeable and friendly individual who is always willing to help. It gives the impression of a person who can be beneficial for a company. All you need to do is stay persistent and confident and you are certain to end up with the job of your dreams.