cv tips for omani job applicants

Make A Flawless Job-Winning CV for Omani Applicants

Writing a CV has and would always be the most intimidating task ever for all the job-searchers out there. Once after completing the degree successfully, you would embrace the real struggle of life and that would be the job hunt. Yes, the process is tiring and sometimes disappointing as well.

A report published in the past stated that the recruiters and employers take only 6 to 7 seconds to decide the fate of the resume. How strange is that! This means that you have only a few seconds to impress the recruiter with your achievements and experience.

However, a lot of job seekers fail right here due to poor CV formatting and messy structuring. Such resumes are not able to pass the ATS software and are rejected by the resume screening software. This shows that if you are not getting the response from your favorite organization, then there are higher possibilities of your resume getting rejected by ATS!

The entire world has shifted to digital means and recruitment is also now getting done digitally. In such a crucial and competitive era, this is very important for the candidates to create an engaging and powerful resume to land their choice of job.


Crafting a good CV could be one of the most challenging and toughest tasks of the job hunt. A lot of employers reject the resume due to its poor written structure and messy look-front. One of the most important things to remember while writing the CV is to mention the correct experience and qualification in reverse chronological order.

Some people and beginners find the resume writing process as one of the hardest tasks of the job searching process. And to avoid the hustle at the eleventh hour, they take the help of experts from CV writing service to get the amazingly written resume and that too in affordable prices.

Talking about the things that must be included in the curriculum vitae, experience and qualifications are the very first things that you should not forget to mention in detail. Also, share the personal statement and personal details in the beginning of the resume.

Moreover, do not forget to write your experience and qualification details in reverse chronological order. This means that you have to share the details from the very fresh to the least fresh activities. This would help the recruiter to understand your career progression year by year.

Also, do not forget the contact details behind! Make sure that you have written everything that is not only professional but also clear enough to be understood by the recruiter.

If you are into the thoughts that should you attach your resume with the cover letter then yes! You should not neglect the importance of a cover letter, ever! This is the only component that could help you in describing yourself in detail.

If you feel you are not good enough at writing a compelling and convincing cover letter and resume then you can take the assistance of a CV and Cover Letter Company. The experts from the service would help you to get literally the best and considerable resume and cover letter at an affordable price.


Thinking about how to write a CV? We have got your back! Here, we have broken down 7 easy tips that would help you to craft a compelling resume. Have a look.

Know your prominent and remarkable qualities:

Experts from CV Maker believe that an individual should be knowing his strengths and his qualities and should highlight them in a resume. Mention your strengths and soft skills to impress the recruiting manager.

Write a compelling and strong personal statement:

Start your CV with a convincing personal statement. This is your very short introduction and helps the recruiter to understand you at a quick glance, so make sure to keep it strong!

Incorporate spot-on vocabulary and in-demand skills:

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the vocabulary. Use correct vocabs in relevance with the industry and mention the in-demand skills of the recruiters and your job role.

Be honest and confident:

Professional CV writers in Oman emphasize being honest in their resumes. You need to write the truth in your resume, so be confident about it. Do not mention anything that is not real in fact!

Tailor the CV with the job description:

Ensure to tailor your CV with the job description. Mention keywords and incorporate them in your resume to make it more readable for the recruiter.

ATS-friendly resume:

Keep your resume simple, organized, and highly ATS-friendly. Choose a simple template for your resume along with readable font size. Ensure to write a keyword-rich resume to pass the ATS.

Compelling cover letter with a spark of your personality:

Attaching a cover letter with your resume would depict your interest in the job. Also, add about yourself and your future plans for your profession in the cover letter for a positive impression.


With the help of this quick guide, you would surely grab the basics of how to write a resume while being in Oman. With the help of these quick tips, you would be able to write a flawless job-winning resume for sure!