tips to impress saudi arabia employers with ATS resume

Tips to Make Your Resume ATS Friendly for KSA Employers

Creating an outstanding resume could be a little daunting for a lot of us, and so many job-seekers may find this step intimidating. That is absolutely okay because everyone is not skilled enough in describing his own self and landing a financially secured job has become quite difficult in today’s competitive era!

Apart from the stressful phase of the job search process, writing an amazing CV is another problematic and grim task from which one has to go through!

Are you searching for a job nowadays? If yes, then you must have heard about the software type that is being used by the recruiters- ATS (Applicant Tracking System). The employers in this digital era are taking the help of this system to separate the best CVs from the bulk of resumes that are received for the open job position! So, it kind of has become necessary to make an ATS friendly resume.

You might be thinking about what ATS software is and how it works?

Well, we have got your back right here! In this short guide, you will get to know the process through which ATS works. Also, we are going to share some tips that would make your resume ATS friendly, and you would be called for the interview by the KSA employers instantly.


Basically, ATS is a screening software that is used by the recruiters to screen the resume. The experts from the CV writing service shared the statistics, around 75% of the resumes are rejected by the ATS because they are not correctly structured, formatted, and are not keyword optimized.

This is the employer’s right hand, ATS resume scanner is designed to scan the CV in terms of work experience, skills, education, and other relevant information. ATS checks the entire resume and separates the best ones from the random ones!

You might find this strange, but the real fact is, very few resumes are read by the employer right from top to bottom, and then he calls the candidate for the interview.

With the help of an ATS resume checker, employers decide the fate of the candidate’s CV!

Furthermore, the ATS software makes the searching among thousands of CVs and resumes automated, and the process becomes simplified. Recruiters are using this software effectively and are making their task easier of finding an eligible candidate for the open job position.

If you are nowadays on the hunt for the job and not able to get a call, then it is highly possible that the CV has not even reached the recruiter as it would not have passed the ATS screening and would have been put into the trash by ATS software.


Since ATS is here to help employers with finding the best match for their opened job position, searching among the huge pool of applicants has become very easy. A study was published in the past by the experts of CV Maker, and it reflected, around 250 resumes are submitted online for each job positing on average and very few are approved.

Once the ATS software is implemented in the systems, the hiring and recruiting team saves a lot of its time and massive efforts. If you are searching for a job of your choice, then you must make your CV keyword optimized and ATS friendly.

Moreover, the resumes that do not meet the pre-determined qualifications and requirements set among the ATS are rejected instantly by the software. In this way, this proves that CV crafting is the real struggle to land a job.


ATS software is responsible to separate the best CVs from the bundle of resumes that are received for job applications. Recruiters make sure to read the resumes that are screened and approved by the ATS software. Also, if the candidate would not be incorporating the keywords from the job description, he would not be able to pass the ATS screening.

Writing a CV is a hurdle, and creating a keyword-optimized CV is a great hustle. But you can take the help of expert CV writers in Saudi Arabia to craft your resume. Follow these 5 steps to create your own ATS-friendly resume.

  1. Check for the standard formatting, and specific template. A resume must be designed in a neat and clean way to get approved by ATS, it must not be messy!
  2. Incorporate the keywords in your resume from the job description. A keyword-rich resume is always having a high chance of getting approved by ATS.
  3. Send the resume in a Word document. Word document is always favored by employers and is easily read by the ATS.
  4. Ensure not to include the short forms or jargon into the CV as they would not be able to read out by the ATS.
  5. Mention the relevant information about your career. Share your achievements and professional experience in your field.


With the help of this detailed and comprehensive guide, you must have got an idea that how the ATS software works and how you can make your resume ATS friendly. Make sure to integrate the 5 basic steps of writing an ATS-friendly resume correctly. You can also take the help of several websites that offer services to check your resume and its friendliness with ATS.