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Top Highly Paid Jobs in UAE by CV Maker Survey

Since the outbreak of the pandemic the global labor market has experienced a great setback.  But as the effects of Covid-19 recede, various sectors are again on the rise and hiring is gaining pace. These industries in high demand include tourism, amusement, travel, shipping, and housing among others.

However, with the constant and rapid evolution of the business world, there is no end to new opportunities. Here we explore the sectors which have the highest-paid vacancies in the region of the UAE. The post aims to help candidates who have freshly stepped into Dubai’s competitive employment landscape.

1. Architecture and Engineering

UAE is full of wondrous examples of infrastructure due to the diligence and creativity of its engineers and architects. The sector is thriving and constantly demands more candidates with fresh ideas to further adorn the tourist destination. It is important for applicants to hire professional CV writers who can tailor their resumes specifically for this sector.

2. Finance and Accounting

Qualified and trustworthy financial experts are valued most in the glittering corporate scenario of the UAE. Firms are always on the lookout for candidates adept at simplified finance procedures achieved in a cost-efficient way. Specialists in this field can expect to earn lucrative incomes in this region.

3. Freelancing for Digital Content

With the shift to technology and digital devices in all sectors, freelancing is dominating other employment options. Remote work is the new norm and digital content has become an asset for businesses. An CV Maker will highlight your abilities, so your chances to obtain a position increase considerably. Make sure to also take courses and expand your knowledge in the area to polish your natural talent. Strong language and writing skills are much appreciated in this field.

4. Security and Risk Management

The implementation of new technology in nearly every major firm and having an online presence is not risk-free. Although necessary, these tools and strategies also leave companies vulnerable to cybercrime. It is important to have an expert individual or team to mitigate any security breach. If you are proficient in this field, UAE is the best place to be right now. New corporations are flourishing, and the older ones are expanding all the time. Therefore, your ability to evaluate, forecast, and control risks will be embraced by many.

5. Food and Beverage

The diversity of Dubai is a sight to behold and revel in. People from every nation and land call it their home or visit to experience its attractions. Food and beverages are the most prominent part of any culture. And people love to try new flavors when there are so many unique options. Pubs, diners, and restaurants exist everywhere in the region to cater to local and foreign taste buds. A professional CV cost can be a bit more than average, but it will allow you to stand apart in this competitive sector.

6. Legal Assistance

Legal help is much needed by corporations as they expand and trade on an international scale. Those individuals who study business law, have more fluent knowledge of contracts and global regulatory requirements. So, if you are an expert in this field then there are excellent positions for you to fill in the UAE.

8. Recruitment and Human Resources

People management is a fundamental part of any successful business. There is always a need for the responsible persons to carry out efficient administration of existing and new employees. The constant alterations in UAE’s labor regulations persuade businesses to prioritize ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

HRs have a great value for their multiple capabilities, as they are also looking after recruitment. A confident public relations expert is useful for identifying, interviewing, selecting, and hiring procedures. Although there are various duties to handle simultaneously, the position earns you a sizable income.


This was an overview of some of the best currently in-demand positions in the UAE. In the wake of the pandemic, a large section of the population in all countries was left jobless. But businesses are now settling down and again in need of productive team members. A downside for jobseekers in this scenario is the massive influx of applicants they need to compete with during a job search. In fact, special efforts for personal branding are required now more than ever for the jobs in Dubai or anywhere in the world. Your best tool under these circumstances is a professionally written CV.

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