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Tips For Securing a High Paid Job in Sharjah

It can be extremely frustrating to not receive call-backs or emails in response to your job applications. You start second-guessing your abilities and anxiety starts to set in. But there are many aspects to getting a high-paid position, especially in Sharjah’s rich and competitive economic landscape. It is important to execute a well-planned strategy to enter this hub of business. We have some expert advice to help you along in securing the position you long for.

1. Pay attention to personal branding

When you are out job seeking, perceive yourself as the product. Your resume advertises your attributes to prospective employers. A great CV summarizes and showcases your skills, strengths, and experience. It helps you stand out among hundreds of other candidates and highlights your worth.

To get the best possible chance to find a job, it is a recommendation by experts to take help from a reliable CV Writing Company. Professional writers know exactly how to present a comprehensive and impactful summary of your work-related information. Keep documents like experience certificates, attestations, and other important papers prepared beforehand. You can never know what the company might require alongside your resume.

2. Register on job sites

Although it might seem fruitless, job site registrations are a good method to start job searching. It is best to know the vacancies and requirements organizations have and perceive where your skills fit in.

In terms of application tracking, information, and response, some great options are LinkedIn and InternsMe among others. Suitable job listings are also available in classified sections of major newspapers. Pay more attention to those which mention details like salary amount and company’s name.

3. LinkedIn is where you need to be

No other forum is more excellent as LinkedIn to search for employment positions, networking, and following other professionals. We advise all clients at our CV Writing Service to create a LinkedIn profile if they don’t have one already. Without establishing a presence on LinkedIn, it is easy to fall off the radar of companies.

Make use of the sections available there to create an impressive profile. There is a ranking system on the website and the best profiles are ranked “All-Star”. This can be obtained after you have filled in most sections and attached related documents and media. For instance, your resume can be attached with the summary for the ease of head-hunters.

4. Connect through company websites

Large-scale local and international companies usually have fully functioning career portals on their websites. They connect you more directly with the organizations in comparison to third-party sites.

However, they do take some time to submit and process your application. You also need to make your work history and qualification more detailed to suit them. So, patience is the key here. Once done, you are able to track your application as well.

You can ask for further updates by emailing the HR department of the company. Most websites conduct preliminary tests online, so you are automatically shortlisted for the next level.

5. Create a contact list

You must have gone through thousands of job listings already. And it can be hard to keep track of every single place and follow through with them. Our brilliant CV writers in Sharjah have a simple yet effective solution to this.

Make an Excel sheet to record all the company’s names and info you have applied to. Create a complete database with email and phone numbers along with your date of application. This way, you can be aware of how long the waiting period after an application has been.

6. Do not waste time

Keep in mind that you are very fortunate to land a suitable job immediately after you started searching. Finding a position, especially one that you actually want, takes considerable time. When finding yourself in this phase, try to spend it as productively as possible. That will also aid you in maintaining a positive mindset when things aren’t going your way.

Utilize that period in learning something you always do. They can either be connected to your career or deviate to some other field. Either way, they still help in your personal growth, preparing you for the responsibilities ahead. Gaining more knowledge will give you the confidence to speak intelligently about various topics if needed in an interview.


Have faith that life will lead you to the opportunities that are meant for you. If you are putting in your best efforts and intentions, then you have nothing to worry about. To ensure your professional journey has a promising start, contact CV Maker. Our resumes are top quality and customized, meeting all standards of the modern-day industry. We take pride in our experienced writers as they handle each CV with attention to detail. You can reach our customer support round the clock for queries and conveying your requirements.