how to response to recruiter to say no for a job position

How to Tell a Recruiter You Are Not Interested | 5 Easy Steps

Receiving a call or an email about getting selected for an open job position could be the most delightful feeling in the life of job-seekers. But, if you aren’t looking for a job currently, and you are happy with your active position then this could be a little tricky to tackle out.

You may ignore the offer, right?

Even after getting offered a great package, employee benefits, and a better position, you may not like to continue with the new place and new offer. The question that arises here is that how would you tell the recruiter that you are not interested in the position anymore?

No matter how great the offer is, what matters the most is the relationship with a recruiter and the nature with which the recruiter treats his employee and candidate. This is one of the most valuable things not only in terms of finance but also in terms of having mental peace.


Once the recruiter connects with you, he wants to discover that either you are a perfect fit for the job in aspects of conversation and behavior or not!

There is always something that the recruiter may have found perfect in you. This could be your resume, your LinkedIn profile, your previous experience, or even your portfolio or website. Any component from these could have triggered the recruiter to contact you!

We got you, saying a polite no could be the last thing that you would be running in your mind. But wait! Don’t do that, it may create a barrier, and you may miss out the future opportunities.

A good recruiter can help you to deal with complicated issues, including salary negotiations. Hiring managers are also the best help to get to know about the hiring trends and industry development. They serve the company as the secret weapon that garners information from all the sectors and learns about the background of the employee.

So this could be pretty difficult to tell the recruiter that you are not interested in the offer!


First things first, there is no need to assume that the recruiter has reached out to hire you for the job instantly! This is not true, things take time and companies have to make crucial decisions while hiring somebody for their open job position.

The experts from CV writing services UAE shared the fact, each recruiter wants to get someone on the board who is highly skilled yet experienced. This is the way to bring a valuable contribution to the organization. Consider the point that it pays to play the long game.

Taking you to the depth, what if you get an opportunity but you want to say a no to it but also you don’t want to miss it out? Sounds perplexing?

Let us give you a back here!

We have jotted down some of the gracious ways in which you can say a no to the offered position and also you won’t miss it out in the future.

You are happy at your job:

If you are comfortable and happy at your current job then you can let the recruiter know that you aren’t looking for a job at the moment. However, you can keep your statement and appointment for the future to discuss the possibilities.

You are overqualified:

You are offered the position for which you are over-qualified, talk about it to settle down the matter. Explain your point and let the recruiter explain his thoughts as well. This may bring you more future job roles and a better idea of the job market.

You are switching the career:

Ready to take your career in some different direction, but you are offered a job in your experienced field? Explore and get in talk with a recruiter and let him know about the switch. He can give you suggestions and advice as well.

You have changed your mind:

If you have changed your mind about the switch and you are no more interested to join a new place, explain that in detail for what reasons you don’t want to join. Also, if you have said a no at first point but now want to get back, don’t shy and email the recruiter instantly.

You would have to travel a lot:

Your commute and travel could also be the reason because of which you won’t be interested in the job. Explain your point of traveling and copious efforts that you would have to put to reach office to home. Stay clear yet courteous.


As for recruiters, a little advice; never consider saying “no” as ill-mannered or poor behavior. However, candidates should always try to be polite while saying a no to an offer or while rejecting an offered position. Doing that so in a gentle and polite way would open up the doors of future opportunities as well.