How to Win the Competition in Qatar with a Professional CV

How to Win the Competition in Qatar with a Professional CV

The competition in the employment industry is getting tougher by the day. As more young people graduate, they are on the lookout for the best entry-level jobs that are available. In a state like Qatar that is bustling with expatriates, there are endless challenges to job seeking. It seems like everyone is more qualified than you whenever you apply for a desirable position. The disappointment can be quite stressful and negative for your self-esteem.

However, there is a surefire way to turn the tables in your favor. A well-crafted professional resume is a perfect tool to stand beat your competition and get hold of that dream job. We bring you some great tips from our experts at CV Maker service to write an impressive CV.

1. Avoid making spelling or grammatical errors

Nothing looks more unprofessional than a document full of typos or grammatical mistakes. We understand that human error is unavoidable. But make sure to review the document at least twice for these flaws. Take your time in writing it as hastiness can just cause more slips. Ask someone else to proofread as well to mitigate any risks.

2. Limit the page count

It is unlikely that a CV beyond two pages is going to be read by a hiring manager. Which will eliminate you from the field without even participating in the game! Only include the most relevant details about yourself in the CV. The experiences and skills you mention should be relevant to the field. For a fresh graduate, a single page is enough to list all information that makes you a suitable candidate.

3. Be mindful of your tenses

Present your CV in a way that lets the recruiter follow the timeline of your data. Chronological order means that you must begin with the recent and end with the earliest experience or accomplishment. Use the correct tenses for past and present events.

5. Personalize your achievements

A good CV reflects who you are as a professional or a successful human being. Do not feel embarrassed in showcasing your achievements and highlighting any promotions and rewards you have received. Include the names of organizations you worked with and who appreciated your efforts.

5. Structure is key

An organized structure is one of the things that catches the eye of the hiring manager. With the hundreds of CVs, they have to peruse, the ones that are legible and seamless are prioritized. Font size 12 is ideal for drafting your document to attain a neat and uncluttered appearance. Organize information in different sections with clear headings for instant comprehension.

6. Customize for the role

This is a mistake we often see clients make at our CV writing company in Qatar. Sending the same CV for different roles and fields cannot end up getting you positive results. It can actually hurt your chances of getting a position you could easily get. Keep in mind that a winning CV is tailored for the role you are applying for. Even if you have a standard structure, customize the experience, skillset, and additional qualifications each time to suit the job.

7. Do not ramble

Being concise is a golden rule of CV writing. Yes, the hiring manager is interested in hearing about you. But only the information provides a clear indication of how well you can perform. Do not include unnecessary information and explain anything important in few well-chosen words. Once you land the interview, the employer can ask you anything additional they want to know.

8. PDF format works the best

MS Word documents have an annoying habit of changing shape when opened on another computer. Chances are, your carefully structured document will look like a mess when the hiring manager views it. To avoid this issue, create a PDF backup so an accurate image of your CV reaches the recruiter.

9. Remain consistent

The consistency we mention here is related to the formatting of your document. Make sure that the small details remain the same throughout. For example, you might have used a particular bullet point to highlight a job responsibility. It is best then to keep it identical for the other roles as well to lend a sense of uniformity.

10. Consider professional assistance

Although not impossible yet, writing a professional CV yourself can be rather risky. The trends and requirements of the industry are constantly changing, which only the field experts are aware of. That is why hiring professional CV writers are the best bet for any jobseeker. They know how to display your skillset in a way that is bound to catch the recruiter’s attention. The cost of CV services is also not much. And all you need to do is hand over the related information and the rest is up to them.