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How can I prepare for interview in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is a global hub for business opportunities and the place where the entire globe comes for tourism. A deserted land that strives from sands dunes to building skyscraper buildings that reach the ultimate cloud of success. A place which is the home away from home, a place where expats are increasing per capita. It is not wrong to say that it’s everyone’s dream to dwell in this exotic Arabic land and call it their humble abode.

This majestic country offers so much to every person from around the rondure and welcomes them with open arms. This Yalla Habibi, coffee sipping, and dates indulging countrymen are ever ready to adopt new formations and works towards the betterment. Be it constructing the world’s tallest building or opening a museum from the future. Everyone wants to come and make this country their home and earn a tax-free salary. But, grabbing a job cannot be fulfilled without appearing in an interview which plays a deciding factor for the inspiring employee.

Here are some pointers which you need to follow while preparing for an interview to be specific in the UAE.

Understands the country

It is the prime important thing that you have to do before any other thing, know the history of the country that you want to work in. know their struggles, their determination, how they rose from sand dunes to building record-breaking architecture. How from the barren land of deserts, they sow and irrigate plenty of fields. It is your responsibility to be well informed in that particular niche, who is their ruler, how their visa policy works, what political system they follow, and how much effort is given to make this country worldwide number Uno in tourism.

Dress to impress

As UAE is a Muslim country, the official religion of the entire region is Islam. Indicates strong Islamic value and observe modest clothing. The Emirati are Bedouin in nature, they traveled from deserts to deserts to settle. So they have strong cultural and traditional values intact to them, their women often cover their head, and wear a long black dress which covers their full body from head to toe.

So when you appear for an interview, you should dress conservatively in modest covered clothing. Any unusual piercing should be taken out, which can distract the interviewer, tattoos should not be inked on the face or any place which can affect your chances of getting hired.

Make an impression

1st impression is the last impression, we have heard that saying on and on mostly. An impression can make or even break you. Don’t delay your 1st meeting, always be punctual and be on time. Things like these create a bad imprint on the eyes of the recruiter. Don’t tarnish your image in front of them always be ahead of time, be puntual.

Your body language also plays an important factor to establish your personality, be assertive don’t underestimate your power, you are what, what you show to others. To create a good mental picture in their eyes. Your CV also creates your image so make sure to hire a professional CV writer which increases your chance of getting hired.

Know the value of the organization

You should have beforehand information before going to any organization for the interview, know their policy, their board of directors, their partners, surf the internet about the company, or simply do read their official website. Things like this will make your initiative strong, and you can also question them if you have found something doubtful about their policy.

Research well

Always stick to your niche, try to find something at this stage that polishes your skills and enhances your possibilities to gain success in the long run. Don’t jump over anything which you see vacant, have patience, contemplate over things be virtuous. For instance; if you are an MBA and there is a job of quality assurance officer you are naturally not a fit, but even if you have been shortlisted for that job and called for an interview, be cautious and well researched in that particular opening and there might be a chance of cross-questioning as to why you have changed the field.

Talk to the mirror

The best way to prepare for interview is to talk to yourself, do that while taking shower, or simply at the time when you are free. Give yourself situations, or do role-playing, ask questions, and simply face yourself in the mirror and practice. In this manner, you can gain confidence to speak and a posture while talking. Things like this cost nothing, not even a penny, but is beneficial as it gives long-term benefits.

Time is key

Always be ahead of time, don’t run after time make the time run after you. If the reporting time is 9:00 AM so be present at 8:45 AM. This punctuality works like a magic, and it’s appreciated by everyone. Always consider time as money, in that way you will never going to lose its essence. Being early even works best when you are hired, make this thing your habit to achieve your goals and aims.


The UAE is a melting point of culture and traditions value, where you can people from different walks of life. Where the lights of the world’s largest building illuminate its glory. Where every aspiring job seeker comes to earn money. But, cracking an interview is a task that is a tough nut to crack on. But pointers provided above like being on time, dressing modestly, talking to yourself, knowing about the company and the city which you want to live in. Will definitely be going to give you an edge while taking them in line. Following these how to prepare for interview cursors will surely hike your chances, and can land you an amazing job that too in your dream city. So better late than never, and start packing your bags for Dubai.