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What Do Resume Writing Services Cost?

All About Resume Writing Cost

A resume is a vital marketing tool when it comes to employment hunting. It is the foundation upon which you can build your own platform. It displays your personal brand and directs the attention of recruiters towards you. To sum it up, it is the key to open doors towards the myriads of opportunities through varied avenues. If done right, a professional resume is the most financially crucial document you possess.

What Does The Actual Process of Writing A Resume Requires?

This question is important as it answers why you need to hire a writing service to do your resume. To begin, it takes an understanding of how hiring and recruitment strategies work to affect resumes. It also demands the capability to analyze the objective of packaging your skills in the best way. One should also have exceptional writing skills as each resume needs to be crafted differently.

A professional puts time and thought into the whole process. As the document is not merely a list of your abilities and work experience. It should set you apart from all the other applicants that most probably possess the same skill set. Why are you the best candidate for the position? That is what a resume should answer.

You can be most capable of writing your own resume. But hiring a professional means that you’re assigning the task to a person who actually knows the tricks of the trade. They have an insight into the employment industry which only comes from years of experience. Moreover, job hunting itself is a laborious task and you will not be able to give your resume the attention it needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Resume Writing Service?

The prices vary greatly in the resume writing market. But there are general costs that apply for resumes of three basic categories: Entry, Mid-Level and Executive. Anything that is soaring way above these price ranges or falls too low can be a sign of unreliable service. A resume opens doorways to bigger and better job opportunities. So, choose wisely. It might take a good amount off your budget but results in higher earnings.

Following are the types of resume and resume cost for each:

  • Entry Level Resumes: The average cost of this type of resume is $400. These are basically for students and newly graduated applicants. This works for anyone who is diving into the employment pool for the first time.
  • Mid-Career Level Resumes: These cost you around $650. Mid-Level resumes are for professionals with a work experience of at least 10 years. This does not apply to management, Information Technology, or any other specialized field.
  • Executive Level Resume: This type of resume has an average cost of $1100 and above. It is for applying to senior-level positions. This includes managerial positions.

When you are on a budget this might seem like an extravagant amount to pay for a document. Yet keep in mind that a professionally written resume is an investment. For most positions, once you get the job, the entire cost will just amount to 2-3 days of your pay. Hence, none of your money is going to waste if you are able to hire a reliable service.

How Much Is Charged For Resume Editing?

You might already have a previous resume that requires to be updated. In cases like that, a resume editing or reviewing service is what you need. Resume editing services are as much important as writing ones. They spruce up your existing document to the trends and necessities of the current market. The requirements of business change rapidly all the time. A professional edit will bring your resume up to par.

However, when it comes to editing, the prices do not vary much from the writing cost. Editing and revisions are considered the same by Resume Editing Service in UAE that exclusively deals in this field. The average cost of reviewing a resume is $250. The cost starts from $100 and ends up at 500$ or more for executive resume editing.

Choosing the Right Resume Writing Service

We have looked through the costs of both resume writing and editing services until now. But now that you have analyzed the budget, how do you determine the best service for you. We have some tips to help you out with that too.

  1. Ask if the writer is certified. Being a member of the leading resume writing associations proves the authenticity of skill and experience.
  2. Do not be merely be impressed by just the credentials. Also, do some research and look around for reviews of other clients that vouch for work quality.
  3. Make sure they are an expert in the field you are applying for. There are various specialized areas such as medicine, IT, engineering, or law, which need exclusive resumes. The writers should be experts in particular fields to make such resumes successful.
  4. Ask to see previous samples of their work. When approaching a service for resume writing, it is wise to have an idea of what they are capable of. Going through resume samples can give a clear view of how good they are at the job. It is not wise to go in blind. There are many services that prove to be a scam. Instead of wasting your hard-earned money, it is important to be informed beforehand.
  5. Work with a service that allows you direct contact with writer. That way you can see who will be writing your resume and are they capable of it. Furthermore, having s conversational session with the writer allows you to discuss details. These details about your skills, ambitions, and job history will contribute towards a better resume. The writer will actually be able to reflect on the kind of person you are in the document. And this bound to set it apart from other resumes.

These were our final words of resume writing services. For top-quality resumes contact We offer you the most reliable and highly efficient resume writing service available online.