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Unravelling The Mystery: Why Aren’t You Getting Interviews For Jobs

Are you tired of waiting for that one call that can lead you to your dream job?


Are you constantly sending resumes and didn’t get any response?

So it is time to look over your CV again and inspect any lackings. There is a possibility that you might be using the wrong approaches for job applications.

In this article, we will discuss a few reasons that are stopping you from getting any calls from recruiters. So keep reading.

10 Reasons Why Recruiters Aren’t Calling You For Interviews

When it comes to getting the job, your resume and cover letter play a huge role.

Because it’s not just a piece of paper, it showcases who you are and your abilities. Therefore, it is recommended to contact a professional CV and cover letter writer, as they possess expertise in this field. Moreover, it is also essential to provide them with the right information, or else any mistake can decrease your chances of getting a call.

Furthermore, make sure to check that you are not making the below mistakes.

Fewer Qualifications

Would you buy a product that doesn’t have all the ingredients that you prefer?

No, right?

The same happens when a recruiter checks an applicant’s resume. The hiring managers are always on the go and have no time to interview each and every candidate. Thus they use an applicant tracking system (ATS) for shortlisting the ones who own all the right skills. Therefore, it is important to include all the keywords that are mentioned in the job post and add all the main qualifications.

Achievements Don’t Match Requirements

A major error that most candidates make is incorporating all the achievements they have gained.

As a result, it becomes difficult for recruiters to understand which one is relatable to the field you have applied for. It is essential to include all the relevant accomplishments in your CV.

Moreover, It is also suggested to write your inputs in a quantifiable way. For instance, if you have applied for a marketing position, then you can mention that you increased the traffics of the website by 30% in 3 months. Specifying the results can help you increase your chances of getting a call-up for an interview.

Typos And Grammatical Errors

It is vital to proofread every draft to make it error-free, including resumes and cover letters.

Usually, people compose or update their CVs in a hurry and forget to recheck them. Thus, typos and grammar mistakes become the obstacle between them and their desired role.

Moreover, these minor errors are not small; they showcase a candidate as an irresponsible one. So be careful before sending your resume, and always proofread it to avoid these blunders.

Listed Too Many Jobs On Your Resume

Most people think that adding all the jobs that they have done in their professional life will make their resume appealing.

But that is not true because it only makes it hard to scan through the eyes. If you find it problematic to understand what to include and what not to, then you can take assistance from various online cv writing services. They will help you by collecting all the relevant job experiences and providing a well-crafted document.

Adjustments In The Company’s Needs

Maybe sometimes, it’s not you; it’s the company.

Often organizations hold a position due to specific changes in their requirements. Or, it can also be possible that they have given that role to their existing employee.

Due to these reasons, it can be possible that you didn’t get an interview call, even if you are the best fit for them.

Gaps In Your Work History

Are you switching jobs constantly?


Did you take a considerable gap between your professional roles?

Then, it can be possible that employers build a wrong image of you, as it can affect their employee retention. But you have a chance to explain it in the form of a cover letter.

This can also be a significant reason that you are not getting an interview call

Responsibilities But Not Accomplishments

The recruiter doesn’t want to know your duties; they want to see the impact that you had created in your past job.

Mentioning that you were responsible for doing this and that wouldn’t make your CV an attractive one. So if you want to make your document stand out, then it is recommended to start your pointers with verbs. For instance, led a team of 5 people or generated 5% sales, etc. As a result, a hiring manager can see your capabilities clearly. This change can increase your chances of selection.

Lengthy Resume

In this busy world, nobody has time to read a two-page document.

Thus, it is recommended to keep your resume clear and precise. Use bullet points for mentioning your accomplishments. Moreover, include all the relevant information related to the job role you have applied for. As a result, it will become easier for a recruiter to scan your CV and pick out all the information. Never compose a lengthy and wordy draft for your resume.

Over Qualified

It can be possible that the requirements for a job are not that much and you are capable of more.

When an overqualified candidate applies for a job, employers assume that it will be too expensive. Or maybe they find it risky that you will leave the job whenever you find a better one.

As a result, they don’t go for applicants like these.

Large Talent Pool

We are living in a world full of competition, where a lot of candidates apply for a single role.

So it can also be a reason that there are more talented people available for them than you. As a result, they have picked a more capable one from a pool of people.


Finding a suitable job for yourself is a challenging task in a world full of confusion and competition.

But what’s tougher is to get an interview call from that company. And usually, people don’t have a clue why they didn’t get a response. Thus, we have covered all the reasons that could become a barrier between you and your desired role. As a result, it will make you aware, and you will be more careful with your next job application.

Moreover, it is essential to compose a draft that can pass the ATS in a breeze. And always keep your resume updated. Lastly, Make sure not to use a single CV for multiple jobs. As a result, it wouldn’t contain the required keywords and relevant information. So if you really want to get a call from a company, then you have to compose a winning vitae for that, free of the above blunders.