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Serving customers with the best has been our priority forever. Therefore, we have compiled all the commonly raised queries
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Which is the best CV writing service within UAE and beyond?

CVMakerAE has secured a spot among UAE’s top 10 CV writing companies in the UAE. Our professionalism and expertise in this zone make us the best choice of all. Clients who opt for us for resume writing services never fail to secure a job at their desired firm.

Who are your CV writers, and how do you hire them at your firm?

Our CV writers are CRPW-verified experts and industry specialists. This means they have spent enough time in the marketplace; therefore, nothing can defeat their expertise. Plus, many of them are former recruiters as well. Here, you get to work with the best of all.

Can you write my CV if I have no experience to mention in the CV?

Of course! We can write a vitae for you, no matter what industry you come from. As we have roped in industry-specific professionals, no field is ever a challenge for us. We make sure to pair every client with a writer with expertise in the relevant domain.

I need a detailed CV analysis. Can your CV writing experts help me?

Surely! Our panel of talented resume editors can help you with CV analysis. Just send us your vitae, and the team here will go through your document. Once done, we will share detailed and thorough feedback about the problematic zones of your resume.

What if I need some edits or revisions in my resume prepared by you?

Usually, our clients are satisfied with the delivered resume on the first attempt. However, if a client looks for some changes in the CV, we cater to them at no additional cost. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, even if that takes unlimited edit cycles.

What if I don’t receive interview invites after hiring your CV help?

This has never happened with any of our customers before. However, we can guarantee that our prepared CV will never be the reason for not receiving interview invites. No refund can be processed in such scenarios, but one may be liable for edits/revisions.

I got a job using your CV, now I need to update it. Can you do it for free?

Sadly, no! Updating a resume is no less than a grinding task. However, we might offer discounts to repeat customers. You can come to us with your requirements or reach out to customer support. We will make sure to update your resume at a discounted price.

What’s the core difference between CV writing and resume writing?

A CV is a snapshot of your academic history along with professional experience. Meanwhile, a resume displays a quick overview of your qualifications and skills for a certain vacancy. Both differ in terms of length – however, we have mastered both of them!

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