Terms and Conditions
  • When customers place an order at CV Maker Dubai, we eventually consider that the individual is in agreement with all of our terms and conditions. However, we simply recommend our customers to avoid the act of placing order at our platform if you are not in agreement with our implicated terms and conditions. Although with the passage of time, there is huge probability that we may modify presented Terms & Conditions. But, in case if you have placed your order before modification the applied terms and conditions will be same.
  • Terms and conditions of our services will be applied only when official order confirmation will be given by CV Makers. Though, we take almost 48 hour of time frame to give confirmation.
Prices and quotations
  • In regards to prices, we offer competitive price rate however, the prices are fixed for everyone. But, the CV Maker officials have this authority to make permanent changes within the prices without giving any prior notice to customers. However, the modification in the prices may not apply to prior order or the ones that have been placed beforehand.
  • Besides this, we do not entertain customers in terms of refund policy. Along with this, the facility of changes or revision is provided until we meet the level of satisfaction till 1 month. Other than this, to avail the facility of changes in the placed order, customers might have to pay additional amount. Whereas, advance payment is an applied condition without this, the order will not be considered. Also, at CV Maker, there is no chargeback or refund policy is available.
  • Here, we suggest customers to make a placement of order only if you think that you are capable to fulfill the applied conditions and not willing to breach any rule.
Order placement & applied conditions
  • In action to assist customers with CV writing services, we demand or collect personal information that may include contract number, employment history, and as well as educational background or prior record. In case, if we found any of the information missing then we might prefer contacting you to collect all of the required information.
  • At CV Maker we entertain customers with different template designs and give complete flexibility to choose one template according to their preference. Although, once we receive the selected template request from customer and once our professional start working on your order, we will not consider the request of changing template. Hence, we encourage customers to wisely choose their templates.
  • Besides this, we only give 48 hours of time frame to let customer make a decision regarding the templates. After the given duration, our experts will select the suitable template by themselves and no changes will be made (in regards to template).
  • Your product will be delivered within the promise time though, due to any uncertainty or any problem delay in your order could happen. However in that case, we will inform customer to keep things clear and acknowledged. Whereas, in many cases because of technological fault emails often get stuck into spam or in ‘other’ section of email box, we suggest customers to check your email box thoroughly and then make their claims.
Order cancellation policy
  • Once the order is confirmed, the chance of canceling order will not be given to customers. After the confirmation, our professionals get on board to complete order on-time. Hence, there is no cancelation feasibility available once the confirmation has been given by our customer support team.
  • After sending or delivering product to customers we wait till 48 hours only and after that, we eventually assume that the catered customer is satisfied with the delivered products thus, if you need any changes to be done then contact us within the given time frame. For changes you can drop us an email or can give us a quick call. However, consideration of your request for changes will be first evaluated by our experts and in case, if we found that the requested changes are additional changes then we will not consider the request as a revision. This is the reason, we always encourage customers to keep things clear, onset and beforehand.
We not assist:
  • VAT (Value-Added-Tax) charges.
  • Content for linkedin will be provided in word document, no account posting facility will be provided.
  • No charge back facility
  • We do not use external template designs.
Payment procedure
  • For payment, we offer online platforms and merchant services such as PayPal and few other mediums. In case of any payment issue, we encourage customers to discuss with our customers support team. If by mistake, payment is done more than once by customers then we might require authentic proof such as receipt or other payment details to perform the act of refund (this includes only additional money or transactions that is transferred by mistake).